Assalamualaikum and welcome to About Me page . On this page ,you gonna know more about me and let's get started !

Okeh , my real name is Nur Syuhada Zohanis but my family and friends prefer to called me Yuha . Sometimes , they called me Yui . I know it's kinda weird but I consider my name as Special Name . Why ? Did you gaiz ever heard of this name ? No ? So , that's the reason . On 23 January 1998 , I was born at 6:48 a.m . Curretly staying at Penang . The best Island evaaaaa . Studying at SMK Tunku Puan Habsah . If you gaiz tell me you haven't heard about my school , I don't mind . I know my school not a very popular school but still the best school tho . I have one big brother that I love much . Maybe sometimes we fight , but recently we're not fighting . Well , that's the new record . LOL ! I am very cheerful , friendly , funny girl . I love to make new friend  and I love to laugh . I laugh even at small things . Coz it makes me feel happy . Addicted to Pink and Starbuck ! I am totally the PINKies girl among my friend and I AM PROUD OF IT ! Pink is the most cutest colour and it also the symbol of Love , Romance , Caring , Tenderness & Calm . So if you gaiz hate Pink , think twice or your life will fill with the darkness . HAHA ! Starbuck , my favorite coffee drink for 3 years . I am CoffeePerson . I just love the combination of the sweetness of sugar , the saltiness of the salt and the bitterness of the coffee . Gosh , the best Coffee Drink in the world . Favorite Stabs drink is Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappucino . Unfortunately , this flavour no longer in Stabs . So , I made it myself . Recipe yang amat simple and easy . I hate everything that girls hate . That's all about me . If you gaiz wanna know more about me Contact Me At :

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